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Bonita Beach Dentures for Women

Do you have a bad or missing tooth requiring replacement? Are you tired of wearing partial dentures, complete dentures or using the dreaded “denture glue? Are you wanting to renew, revitalize, and rejuvenate your smile?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above – All on 4 solutions could be the perfect fit for you! We are happy to provide a complimentary All on 4 consultation and patient centered-evaluation.  During this visit you will:

  1. Learn what treatment options you may have to address any current problems.
  2. Learn what you can do NOW for better oral health
  3. Explore All on 4 solutions with Dr, Grady Scott DMD
  4. Get answers to any questions you have about your current oral health or how dental implants in Bonita Springs could benefit you going into the future.

(Complimentary Exam Code: D0150 | 3D Image Code: D0363 – 3D scan for in office use only)


Free Second Opinions

We invite anyone in the community who is unsure about their current dental treatment plan to seek an honest second opinion. We recognize that your oral health is extremely important and you should always feel confident and comfortable with your Bonita Springs dental care plan and providers. If you are interested in receiving an additional honest perspective on treatment options – please do not hesitate to call!

Please bring current x-rays and treatment plan if possible!

Exam Code: D9310

What are All on 4 & Same Day Teeth?

Over the past 20 years major achievements have occurred in implant dentistry – all of which have centered on making Bonita Springs dental implants less invasive, more cost effective, with fewer visits to get permanent teeth.  The “All-on-4” or “All-on-X” protocol utilizes a fixed (permanent) denture that is secured by 4 or more implants.

This treatment protocol avoids anatomical restrictions that historically required expensive bone grafting procedures and splints implants together for same day teeth in Southwest Florida. By providing a fixed set of teeth the same day, patients recovery and satisfaction is much higher than traditional routes of sinus/bone grafting that can take years to get final teeth!  

These fixed dentures replace both the teeth and gums (see photo below of actual all on 4 dental implant bridge prior to delivery to one of our wonderful patients) provides a very aesthetic final result!  Function is similar to that of natural teeth and provide patients to ability to smile and eat confidently! With a price point beneath full implant bridges – this has become an increasingly popular and effective treatment option! If you are looking for same day teeth in Bonita Springs get in touch with our experts to schedule a consultation!

Implant Dentist

Cutting Edge Technology

Sedation Certified


Family after dentist sitting in front of building. Imagine finding a dentist that uses cutting-edge technology to provide you with a smile that you are proud to show-off to all your friends and family. Well, that is what we offer at Bonita Beach Dental. We invite you to come see us! For new patients and patients we have not seen within 1 year, we have a special offer.

You Get:

  1. Comprehensive dental exam
  2. Dental cleaning with dental hygienist
  3. CS 8100 low radiation digital Xrays ($500 in value)
  4. Complete oral hygiene evaluation
  5. Lots of smiles  🙂

(Comprehensive Exam Code: D0150 | Cleaning Code: D1110 or D4355 | Bite Wing Xray Code: D0274 | Panoramic Xray Code: D0330 or 3d Xray Code: D0363)

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