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Bonita Bay Dental Implants

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“Beauty is power; a smile is its sword”, says John Ray. We are Bonita Bay dental implant specialists and we are here to help!

A beautiful smile chases the gloom away. A healthy tooth eats whatever comes its way. Little wonder most of us desire a perfect set of teeth. For some, the teeth are so bad that smiling and laughing has become a taboo.  Some people have been denied the joy of those beautiful teeth because of missing tooth, or some other unhealthy, ugly dental problem. The condition has affected your self-confidence and happiness.
But you don’t need to despair. You can still have that beautiful and perfect set of teeth that will allow you to dazzle the world and Bonita Bay, FL with your beautiful smile.

Dental implants in Bonita Bay are the solution and it is an easy process for us at Bonita Beach Dental. The aim is to renew and restore your teeth, allowing you to enjoy the maximum benefit of a beautiful, carefree smile and laughter in addition to a healthy set of teeth.
It is a safe procedure that will not rip a huge hole in your pocket.

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What is a Dental Implant?

Bonita Springs Dental implant posts, crown, infogrpahicBonita Bay dental implants are the artificial procedure involving the screwing of posts into the jaw bone. The insertion makes it possible for the replacement of a tooth. This gives a solid, strong foundation for the mounting of a new tooth on the post. The posts which are mostly made of titanium are securely attached to the jawbone to allow for proper blending and immobility. The effect is a tooth implant that feels natural and which remains immobile and strong within the mouth.

To achieve this perfect procedure though, you must go to a professional Bonita Bay cosmetic dentist.

Why Dental Implants Are Better Than Dentures

  • Dental implants can last for decades because of the surgery involved in the replacement.
  • It gives you same natural feel and look as your natural teeth. Only you will know the difference.
  • Dentures are prone to shifting during eating or even speaking. But dental implants are immobile, thus more comfortable.
  • Dental implant will not damage the surrounding gums and teeth.

You must play your part too by cleaning and maintaining the replacement just as you would your natural teeth by brushing and flossing. Also endeavor to visit your Bonita Bay dentist regularly.

The Process Involved in Dental Implants

It is a harmless procedure anchored on the latest technology and expertise of the Bonita Bay dentists.

  • Consultation and Assessment: When you consult with your Bonita Bay Dentist, both of you will discuss the procedure. Then your Dentist will examine you to find out the feasibility of a successful dental implant on you. Once this is ascertained, the surgery will commence.
  • Implant Placement: This is usually a simple surgical procedure when performed by a skilled Bonita Bay Dentist. Local anesthesia will be used if necessary. The post is then implanted into the jaw bone ready for the crown.
  • Abutment and Crown Placement: The abutment is fixed atop the post, followed by the placement of the crown. The crown is designed to suit the size, color and shape of your natural teeth. This ensures comfort and proper integration.
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