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As you probably know already, Bonita Beach Dental is a renowned Bonita Springs dental clinic always poised to create your dream smile and Front office of Bonita Beach Dentalprovide you with a healthy mouth. Headed by our expert Bonita Spring dentist, Dr. Grady Scott D.M.D; we offer specialized dental services to residents in and around Bonita Springs, FL.

As a full service dentist office in Bonita Springs, FL, Dr. Grady Scott D.M.D and his team are here to help you rectify any dental ailments that you might have, maintain good oral health and even provide oral surgery procedures if need be.  We also provide dental implants in Bonita Springs and serve as a well respected cosmetic dentist in the area.  Our goal is to provide you with a dentist office experience unlike any other you have encountered with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly, knowledgeable staff that are here to meet your every need!

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Bonita Springs Dental Services:

Dental implants

Guaranteed to restore your beautiful smile and boost your self-confidence, dental implants are a must have if you have lost a tooth or more. It is a safe dental procedure used to replace missing tooth/teeth with a beautiful, permanent smile!

At Bonita Beach Dental, dental implants are handled professionally by Dr. Grady Scott, a Bonita Springs cosmetic dentist & oral surgeon, and his supporting dental team.  Obtaining dental implants is a permanent dental procedure that uses sophisticated equipment to give you not just a new artificial crown, but also a strong root to hold the crown in place. This new implant looks and feels natural and can last for decades if properly taken care of.

Dental Bridges

This method is used when you are missing a tooth or two in between two healthy teeth. As the name implies, it is a dental prosthesis that bridges the gap between the teeth. If you are in the Bonita Springs, FL area and have lost one or two teeth to accidents or tooth decay, this procedure will restore your beautiful smile and dental health. Bonita Beach Dental has a team of experienced dental experts and hi-tech equipment that will give you the best dental bridge.

The bridge can be fixed or bonded and made from such materials like ceramics, alloys. This is a cheaper method that is durable and comfortable.


When the majority of your teeth are decayed beyond saving, obtaining dentures is one of the options available to you. Dentures are artificial teeth and gum customized specially for your mouth.  Dentures are typically used to replace all of your teeth as a temporary, removable solution. Our Bonita Springs dentist office specializes in this field and we only use modern materials, instruments and procedures to ensure your maximum comfort.

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Additional Bonita Springs Dental Services:

Teeth whitening

Aging, and staining can change the natural color of our teeth, sometimes making smiles and laughter a self-conscious moment. Teeth whitening is an effective artificial means of whitening your discolored teeth. As a Bonita Beach dentist with years of experience in teeth whitening, we know if you are a suitable candidate for this professional bleaching process. Our skilled cosmetic dentists in Bonita Springs FL will use only safe and reliable products and procedures to whiten your teeth and restore your beautiful smile.

Dental Veneers

If your teeth are discolored, worn out, broken, misaligned, or you want to lessen the gap in-between teeth, dental veneers in Bonita Springs may be the solution. Our Veneers are custom-made to improve tooth appearance by covering the surface. Veneers are effective in changing the shape and color of your teeth.

Teeth Cleaning

Professional dental cleaning is a routine procedure that we take seriously at Bonita Beach Dental.  Keeping your teeth clean and your gums healthy is imperative to maintaining good oral hygiene and ensuring minimal tooth decay over the years. In addition, after a Bonita Springs teeth cleaning, you will leave our offices with fresher breath and tartar free teeth!

Dental Crown

You need a dental crown to restore a broken tooth, protect weak tooth or to restore an ugly or misshaped teeth. There are various types of dental crowns available and our team of experts will guide you in making the right choice.

3D X-rays

To make our dental procedures more efficient and your dental experience better, Bonita Beach Dental utilizes state of the art 3D X-rays. This ensures that the entire dental procedure is as accurate and effective as possible.


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