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Do you have a bad or missing tooth requiring replacement? Are you wanting to renew, revitalize, and rejuvenate your smile? If you answered “yes” to any of the above – dentures could be the solution for you! We are happy to provide a complimentary denture consultations and patient centered-evaluations.  During this visit you will:

  1. Learn what treatment options you may have to address any current problems.
  2. Learn what you can do NOW for better oral health
  3. Explore denture solutions with Dr, Grady Scott DMD
  4. Get answers to any questions you have about your current oral health or how dental implants could benefit you going into the future.

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Free Second Opinions

We invite anyone in the community who is unsure about their current dental treatment plan to seek an honest second opinion. We recognize that your oral health is extremely important and you should always feel confident and comfortable with your Bonita Springs dental care plan and providers. If you are interested in receiving an additional honest perspective on treatment options – please do not hesitate to call!

Please bring current x-rays and treatment plan if possible!

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What are Dentures?

Dentures in Bonita Springs are removable teeth replacements that look real and can provide the same functions of teeth. Whether you lost teeth through decay, gum disease, or injury, dentures can restore your daily habits including smiling, talking and chewing.

Dentures also provide structural support to your mouth and face to prevent drooping muscles. Dentures provide not only functionality but also confidence because they look just like real teeth and may promote a better appearance than your original teeth. Dentures come in many shapes and styles to fit your needs and preferences.

Bonita Beach Dental is one of the few affordable dentures locations in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures consist of prosthetic teeth fixed to an acrylic base that usually sits on a wire frame. The wire frame may extend to form the clasps that attach to your natural teeth to hold the dentures in places.

These artificial teeth are removable, so they are convenient and easy to clean. Because they are attached to your natural teeth, the replacements move in conjunction with, feel similar to, and work alongside natural chewing and functionality. Partial dentures are an excellent way to supplement for the loss of a few teeth or sections thereof.

Implant Supported Dentures

Regular dentures are removable and sit on top of the gums while in place. Bonita Springs implant dentures are still removable but are attached secured onto a surgically implanted attachment located in the jawbone.

Implants are most common for the bottom row of teeth because dentures can be unstable there. This is because the tongue and floor of the mouth are constantly moving while functioning so it takes lots of "glue" to keep a bottom denture stable. These artificial teeth can click into place on either individual posts protruding out from the gums or onto a bar that sits upon several posts. The denture implants do require surgery for installation, but they will provide ultimate stability for the dentures while remaining removable and easy to clean.

Snap on Dentures

Snap on dentures are a type of dental implant that requires surgery, yet is still removable. The dental implants will insert into the bone beneath the gums. Posts will extend from the bone out above the surface of the gums in the mouth. The posts may be topped with either individual balls, or by a bar that sits on top of all posts connecting them. The snap on denture snaps into place on either a ball (via a ball and socket joint) or clip to a bar.

The dentures are removable, but due to the implant type, provide “permanent” quality and stability. Patients typically report they can eat "almost anything" and snap on dentures are more affordable now than ever as implant dentistry continues to be more predictable.

Permanent Dentures

Permanent dentures are teeth replacements that are unable to be removed manually by the individual that possesses them. These artificial teeth are placed through dental implant surgery. The surgical implantation allows for the new teeth replacements to hold firmly just like natural teeth to allow for more efficient and confident chewing with stronger biting force. The permanent dentures can be cared for just like real teeth so treat them and brush them as such. These dentures are not only the best option for functionality, but also for feel and appearance. You don’t have to worry about these teeth shifting around when you smile.

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Bonita Springs Immediate Dentures

An immediate denture is just an ordinary denture that can be either partial or full. What gives this denture its specific classification is the planning technique that coincides with its creation and distribution. An immediate denture is suggested once it is known that a tooth or teeth are going to be extracted. Instead of waiting until after the procedure to heal and follow up with sizing appointments and so on, we proactively fit the denture to the existing teeth before extraction so that the dentures can be inserted immediately. The benefit of immediate dentures is that there is no shame or embarrassment of being without teeth! The immediate dentures are provided to the patient the same day as the extractions and help protect the gums the body heals.

Denture Repair

Repairs to dentures can be proactive or reactive fixes. Sometimes dentures feel uncomfortable and you would like them resized or reshaped. Also they can break and need to be fixed or replaced. Dentures that have split in half, break in multiple pieces, loose wires, or have broken teeth are all fixable. Other common types of denture adjustments include:

  • Denture reline - the resurfacing of the side of the denture to have it fit more securely.
  • Denture rebase - the remolding of the acrylic base to better fit your mouth. Replacement teeth are reinserted in the new base.
  • Adjustments made to spots that cause soreness and irritation to relieve discomfort.

Does Medicaid cover these type of artificial teeth?

Medicaid dental coverage in Florida does include full and partial dentures (including bridges). However, there are restrictions such as only 1 top and bottom row denture per lifetime. Also, the dentures must be removable and not permanent such as dental implants and dental bridges. So bridges are and are not covered, that can be a little confusing. Removable bridges are covered as dentures, but permanent bridges are not covered.

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