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Estero Island Cosmetic Dentist & Dental Implants

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A mouth with missing tooth offers no beautiful smile. An unhealthy tooth frustrates the pleasure eating. So we all clamor for perfect teeth, who wouldn't? Dental Implants are the perfect solution if you find yourself in this situation.

All you need to achieve a perfect healthy tooth is an Estero Island cosmetic dentist, especially if you are residing on the island. That beautiful smile is achievable with Bonita Beach Dental. You can also enjoy your sumptuous meals without pain. We restore your dental health and self confidence through our professional Estero Island dental implants.

Bonita Beach Dental boasts of highly skilled and talented Estero Island cosmetic dentists. We offer you a dental implant bound to give you a dazzling set of teeth for a mesmerizing smile, sure to enhance your attractiveness and confidence.

Estero Island Dental Implants Explained

Estero Island Dental implants performed by seasoned dentists is a unique dental surgical procedure that recreates your dental structure. The process involves the use of titanium posts inserted into the jaw bone that holds the new crown. The posts are anchored into the jaw bone, forming a solid foundation upon which the replacement tooth is mounted. This is firmly placed in such a way that it becomes immovable. The result is a perfect replacement that looks and feels absolutely natural. Dental implants on Estero Island are a done deal with us.  Located in Bonita Beach, FL, Bonita Beach Dental proudly serves the residents of Estero Island!

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The Process of Dental Implants

If you are residing within Estero Island and its environs, immediately call on Bonita Beach Dental for that brilliant Estero Island Dental implant. Our dental implant process is professional and harmless. The process consists of:

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  • Consultation and Assessment of the Patient - This process helps to ascertain the health of your mouth among other health factors. This is necessary in determining if you are eligible for the surgery or not.
  • Screwing on the Implant - The implant is readied and then screwed into the jaw bone. This is left alone for some months to allow it bond naturally with the jaw bone.
  • Insertion of the Implant Peg - When the implant is healed and fully bonded, it is then time to insert the implant peg. The peg will hold the crown in place.
  • Securing the Crown - The final stage in the process is to secure the crown solidly into the implant. Once this is done, you can go ahead to enjoy your new replacement.

Dental implants Estero Island can be performed for single tooth, multiple or even all of your teeth. There are suitable procedures for each.

Dental Implants Vs Dentures

Dental implants on Estero Island is becoming the choice of many for numerous reasons. Chief among them is the availability of seasoned and professional Estero Island dentists. Other reasons include:

  • Dentures are simply façades, a false set of teeth while implants are replacements and permanent. You are better off with replacements.
  • Dental implants are therefore long lasting unlike dentures that need regular replacement.
  • Dentures might slip or shift but dental implants are solid.
  • Implants do not require special care and attention. With a good surgery performed by our Estero Island FL Dentist, your replacements need no special cleaning or use of adhesives. You only need to care for them as you would your natural teeth.

Our Estero Island cosmetics dentists can give you back the sensational smile you desire.

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