Bonita Springs Laser Dentistry

What is laser dentistry?

Dentist tools laid on table for laser dentistry treatmentLaser dentistry in Bonita Springs is the precise and efficient way to perform many dental procedures with the use of laser technology. The laser is an instrument that produces a very narrow and intense beam of light energy. Once the laser comes in contact with tissue, which makes up the teeth and gums, it causes a reaction that either shapes or removes the tissue.

What procedures can use lasers?

Lasers are designed to perform most procedures that use drills, curettes, or scalers. Compared to drills, lasers are more precise, effective, efficient, and cause less pain for patients. Thus, the goal of lasers is to replace that outdated dental technology, such as drills (used often by older dentists), to perform procedures like:

  • Putting holes in teeth
  • Cutting diseases out of gums
  • Removing material from teeth
  • Removing material from the gums
  • Biopsies on teeth
  • Expediting teeth whitening procedures

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What's the difference between hard tissue and soft tissue lasers?

Dentist hand holding laser for a laser dentistry procedureEach of these types of dentistry lasers are attracted effective on specific materials which they can shape and cut through accordingly. Hard tissue lasers for dentistry are highly absorbable by hydroxyapatite which is the material found in bone and teeth. These specific lasers can assist in completing procedures such as cavity detection and removal, repairing tooth sensitivity, shaping teeth, and planing teeth.

Soft tissue lasers are highly absorbable by water and hemoglobin which is found in red blood cells. These lasers are helpful during procedures such as crown lengthening, cosmetic gum surgery, muscle and tissue detachment, eliminating mouth sores, and accessing impacted teeth.

Bonita Springs laser gum surgery

Laser technology is also used for therapeutic and cosmetic gum treatments. Laser treatment can be used to remove a layer of gum infected with periodontal disease, which allows for the underlying tooth to be cleaned and sterilized. Cosmetic procedures such as crown lengthening, gum smoothing, or other alterations to the appearance of gums can occur with the help of Soft Tissue Lasers.

Water Laser Dentistry

Female mouth smiling getting laser dentistry treatmentWater laser dentistry combines water, air, and laser energy for powerful and safe application to human mouths. The presence of water in teeth increases the effectiveness of laser dentistry treatment when the laser is combined with water. Besides the fact that the water laser is more precise and effective than other lasers, there is also the added benefit that the stream of water continuously lowers the temperature of the laser beam to prevent overheating, essentially keeping the treated-area hydrated and cool.

This type of laser also significantly decreases the risk for the spreading of and cross contamination of bacteria to other areas. It does this by using water to cleanse the infected areas of the mouth while the laser simultaneous sterilizes. Bonita Springs water laser dentistry is an excellent alternative to the already impressive original laser dentistry technique. For more information on the use of water lasers in dentistry see this page.

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