Bonita Springs Sedation Dentistry (IV Sedation)

What is sedation dentistry?

Business man in a chair at the beach symbolizing a relaxing experience and sedation dentistrySedation dentistry in Bonita Springs, FL is the use of medication to produce a relaxed, anxiety-free, calm state of mind for an individual beforehand a dentist performs a procedure. Sedation dentistry is designed to reduce fear and anxiety in patients in order to provide them with the oral care that they require.

The calming treatment may be applied for procedures as simple as a routine dental cleaning if fear is substantial, or more commonly it is applied during operations that people shy away from such as root canals, extractions, and other implant dentistry procedures. Sedation dentistry is sometimes referred to as “sleep dentistry,” which is misleading because in most cases the patient is awake except when experiencing the effects of IC conscious sedation. There are different levels and potencies of sedation drugs such as:

  • Minimal sedation - patient is awake and aware, but relaxed
  • Moderate sedation, or conscious sedation - word slurring may occur, and much of the procedure may be forgotten by the patient
  • Deep sedation - patient is on the edge of consciousness, but may still be awakened
  • General anesthesia - patient is completely unconscious in hospital or surgery center setting

What methods of sedation can be administered?

Sedation dentistry varies not only by the strength of the sedatives but also by the method through which those medications are administered. The different types of sedation are inhaled minimal sedation, oral sedation, iv sedation and general anesthesia.

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What is IV sedation dentistry?
(IV moderate sedation)

Intravenous sedation delivers sedation medication directly into the bloodstream through a vein. This method allows the drug to take effect more quickly, and the dosage is able to be controlled by the dental professional. Amnesia is commonly associated with this technique.

A patient is able to answer questions the dentist asks them, but may not remember doing so. The effects of the sedation will also make the patient feel as though the procedure only lasted a few minutes.  Patients feel so comfortable during conscious sedation that sometimes they report they “went to sleep” but really they didn't.

What is inhaled minimal sedation?

Inhaled minimal sedation refers to method wherein the patient breathes in nitrous oxide gas that is mixed with oxygen. This mixture is also known as “laughing gas.” The patient wears a mask over their face through which the gas is transported. The Bonita Springs dentist can control the amount of the sedative that is received by the patient. The gas wears off relatively quick. This is the only sedation technique in which the patients may be able to drive themselves home after the procedure although it is generally not suggested.

What is Oral Sedation?

Oral Sedation in Bonita Springs can range from minimal to moderate sedation depending on the dose given. Oral sedation is administered in the form of a pill taken about an hour before the procedure. The type of sedation has become the most commonly associated with sedation dentistry. Patients may be so relaxed that they nod off, but can be awakened with a gentle shake.

What is deep sedation and general anesthesia dentistry?

General anesthesia and deep sedation provide medications that will render you either near unconscious or completely unconscious for the duration of the procedure and for some time after. Due to the strength of the anesthetic, it is difficult to wake the patient until the effects of sedation have worn off, or unless other medication reverses the effects. These forms of sedation are typically performed in a surgery center or hospital setting.

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