Bonita Springs Teeth Xray

What are teeth x-rays?

3d dental xray of teeth being held by dentist3D x-rays are the latest technological advancement sweeping through the dentistry world. The innovative technology allows three-dimensional images of your skull and teeth to be examined by you and your dental professional. This upgrade from 2D imaging makes a significant difference for both you and your Bonita Springs dentist. The new x-rays make examinations and surgery prep more efficient, effective, and accurate.

How it Works

The machine will hover around your head releasing x-rays that recreate an image of your skull and teeth with three-dimensional depth. The rays disburse in a cone beam formation (imagine the shape of a snow cone). The process takes less than a minute and in that time more than 200 still images of your head have been developed from countless angles. The images combine to form the 3D image which then loads onto a computer. Because depth is created your x-ray technician will be able to zoom in and out of the picture as well as observe density.  Bonita Springs tooth x-rays are an important part of preventative dental care and allow us to identify problems before they get out of hand.

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Why is it better than 2D?

Three-dimensional images supersede two-dimensional ones due to the capabilities that they provide. 3D xrays can analyze the depth and bone density of teeth must better than 2d. Additionally, the 3D images allow for the teeth and skull to be examined in various ways such as 3D image, 2D image, panoramic view, and a catalog of stills. The intricate depiction illustrates the relationship to other important parts of the mouth and face including bone, nerves, tissue, and airways. This allows our dentist to be able to know more about your teeth and provide better solutions.

How does this benefit our patients?

The 3D x-ray provides comfort to you during the imaging process and also allows your dental professional to plan better for the procedure to fit you best. For example, when receiving dental implant surgery in Bonita Springs, FL, it is important to know beforehand the quality of the jawbone and where the densest areas are to plant the posts.

The 3D imaging allows your dental surgeon to plan where to position the posts in an area that is advantageous for you. The comfort element comes in during the imaging process. The old way to take x-rays would be to put a bulky sensor in your mouth. This new technology saves you the hassle by having an adjustable arm that circles your head. 3D x-rays are an exciting breakthrough that significantly benefit both the dentist and the patient.The ability to see in high resolution exactly what dental problems, if any exists, allows us to give patients the most accurate diagnosis and treatment available.

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