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Are you considering dental implants? Do you have a sore or broken tooth? Are you wanting to renew, revitalize, and rejuvenate your smile? We provide 15-minute dental solution consultations and patient centered-evaluations.  During this visit you will:

  1. Receive education on your unique jaw and bone structure

  2. Learn what you can do NOW for better oral health

  3. Explore dental solutions with our Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry, Grady Scott

  4. Get answers to any questions you have about your teeth now or concerns you have with them going into the future. (Complimentary Exam Code: D0150 | 3D Image Code: D0363)


We will meet with anyone for FREE who is unsure about their oral treatment plan or options "provided" to them by other dentists. We know that your teeth are important to your comfort, confidence, and happiness which is why we offer complimentary & transparent 2nd opinions.

We want to make sure you know everything about your potential investment or procedure so you can receive the best treatment available. We use the newest technology to provide our patients with specific, results-oriented, dental procedures in a conformable environment with an outcome that leaves them forever smiling! We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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What are dental implants?

Blonde women getting dental implants in bonita springs by Grady ScottDental implants are posts inserted into your jaw bone that allow for artificial teeth to be attached to the posts. The posts that the dentist implants, which are made out of titanium, are surgically anchored into the bone to secure stability that replicates the feeling of real teeth. Teeth implants are an excellent way to replace teeth that have fallen out, decayed, or were damaged.

How long will dental implants last?

If properly cared for, implants can last a lifetime. Regular brushing and flossing, a healthy diet, and frequent visits to and cleanings performed by a dental professional will all contribute to obtaining the maximum viability from the implants. The crown for the implant (the artificial tooth that sits on top the post) may need to be replaced after ten years or so due to normal wear and tear that may affect the quality of the crown. The tooth implants will begin to feel like your natural teeth and may last even longer.

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Dental Implant Cost

Dental implants are an advanced surgical and prosthetic treatment option that requires meticulous planning, extensive training, and a large inventory of specialized equipment. For these reasons and more dental implants remain a higher end treatment option. As dental implants become a more predictable treatment option the price has become more reasonable. Bonita Beach dental also works with 3rd party financing companies that can make the smile you deserve more accessible than previously believed. The ability for dental implants to positively change your quality of life, not just through better eating but also with revitalizing your confidence through a beautiful healthy smile.

Dental implants and tooth replacement costs are different depending on exactly what you want. Prices vary drastically, but the short answer is that they are not going to be cheap, and you wouldn't want them to be! Whether you need one implant or many, and whether they are removable or fixed in place, you want your investment to last as long as possible. The more implants you require and the type of quality you want will dictate how expensive they will be.

A single implant cost an average between $1000-$4000. Dental implant procedures in general range from $1000-$35,000. Unfortunately, most insurances do not cover the cost of teeth implants, but it's recommended that you still check with them. The price may seem a little intimidating, but remember you are not only buying a product but more so a service that requires surgery and medical equipment. There may be small fees for replacement crowns, check-ups, etc., but you are paying for a one-time surgical implantation that is meant to last a lifetime. For more information on dental implants and how much they cost, see this authority dental page.

Are teeth implants fixed or removable?

Dental implants can be fixed or removable depending on your need and preference. The terms fixed (or permanent) and removable refer to whether the bridge (a group of artificial teeth connected to one another) or single crowns can be detached by the patient receiving the implant or would require an implant dentist to remove them. Removable implants are only an option for the surface portion of the implants. The dentist implants the posts surgically into the gums and jawbone; these will remain permanent in either option.

The detachable alternative may be a better option for individuals that only seek to replace individual teeth or a few teeth in different areas of the mouth. It may also be the less expensive option because the dentures are made of a material that is not intended to last as long and are easily replaceable. The permanent option better suits individuals that require a full row of teeth replaced whether it the top row, the bottom, or both. Fixed implants that are unable to be detached by the wearer consist of high-quality material intended to last a lifetime; thus they are more expensive to manufacture and buy.

Do I need to brush my dental implants?

Yes. Brushing your dental implants is important! Treat your implants as you would your natural teeth. And although your tooth implant may be artificial, your gums are not. Poor oral hygiene may cause gum periimplantitis that causes inflammation and the spread of bacteria. Severe gum disease could cause infections surrounding the root of the implant that may cause it to be damaged or require removal.

Is a dental implant procedure painful?

Patients explain that they are pleasantly surprised by the minimal discomfort. The procedure is reported to be less painful than a regular tooth-extraction. Anesthetics are provided to numb the area during the surgery. Any soreness after can be treated by an ordinary over the counter painkiller. Additionally, icing your mouth and jaw afterward can help reduce pain and swelling.

Dental Implants vs Dentures and Bridges

Unlike dentures and partial dentures that can be removed easily, dental implants are installed surgically into the jawbone and thus provide stability and a natural feel. As opposed to other alternatives that are not rooted, implants make it easy to eat, talk, and even smile with confidence without the worrying about the teeth shifting out of place. Implants promote confidence that allows comfort as well as strong biting force. The teeth also look and feel natural. Implants are the wiser investment because unlike the other options that only last a year, the implants can last a lifetime if properly maintained.

How long is dental implant surgery?

If you are identified as a good candidate for teeth implantation, the whole process may take just a few visits plus some recovery time. If conditions are right, the implants can be placed in only one or two appointments. Full recovery may take a few months just to ensure the posts have rooted properly. The time for recovery will not prevent you from any daily life activities.

The recovery period is simply monitoring the fusing with the jawbone for stability. If you are not naturally a good candidate for implantation treatment, there are ways to make you one. Increasing jaw structure and density may be required through grafts and other procedures. You may need a sinus lift to make way for the implants. Any of these additional augmentations will add time to the process.



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