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Cosmetic Dental Procedure Before & Afters

At Bonita Beach Dental we provide cosmetic dentistry solutions with superior results. We are not the cheapest in town and for a very particular reason. We use the best materials and technology to provide all our patients with the smile of their dreams!

Dental implants & veneers before and after on Bonita Springs Dental Patient.
^ Full mouth reconstruction following an automobile accident. We replaced failing bonding and missing teeth with porcelain restorations and dental implants to regain optimal function and aesthetics.

Veneer before and afters.
^ Digital Smile Design protocol was utilized to treat failing bonding on 16 teeth which were replaced with porcelain veneers. Case was completed in just 2 visits to deliver restorations that provide optimal biology function and aesthetics.

Veneers before and after on a male.
^ Worn out and unnatural looking 25+ year old dentures were replaced with beautiful new dentures for revitalized smile & confidence!

Implant Dentist

Cutting Edge Technology

A Smile Your Proud Of

Sedation Certified

Before and after for replacement of missing teeth.
^ Missing tooth and veneer on patient’s right side were replaced with dental implant and all porcelain restorations for a radiant more confident smile- notice how much wider she smiles!

Before and after of veneers which were restored by Bonita Springs Dentist.
^ Mismatch fillings, crowns, and veneers replaced with all porcelain restorations to brighten patients smile!

Before & After of a crown and implant replacement.
^ In this Smile Design case we utilized clear aligners (orthodontics), a dental implant, and porcelain crowns to transform this smile!

Before and after of dental implants.
^ Misaligned smile and missing teeth corrected with dental implants and crowns to improve smile proportion and function.


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