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Cosmetic Dental Procedure Before & Afters

We are so grateful for the trust our patients have placed in our practice! We enjoy getting to know each patient and taking time to help identify and reach their goals.   It is incredibly rewarding to see the confidence and lifestyle improvement that can be gained with a new smile. Some of our patients have been so satisfied they have been kind enough to share their results on this gallery page!  Please check back as gallery will continue to be updated!

Dental implants & veneers before and after on Bonita Springs Dental Patient.
^ Full mouth reconstruction following an automobile accident. We replaced failing bonding and missing teeth with porcelain restorations and dental implants to regain optimal function and aesthetics.

Veneer before and afters.
^ Digital Smile Design protocol was utilized to treat failing bonding on 16 teeth which were replaced with porcelain veneers. Case was completed in just 2 visits to deliver restorations that provide optimal biology function and aesthetics.

Veneers before and after on a male.
^ Worn out and unnatural looking 25+ year old dentures were replaced with beautiful new dentures for revitalized smile & confidence!

Implant Dentist

Cutting Edge Technology

A Smile Your Proud Of

Sedation Certified

Before and after for replacement of missing teeth.
^ Missing tooth and veneer on patient’s right side were replaced with dental implant and all porcelain restorations for a radiant more confident smile- notice how much wider she smiles!

Before and after of veneers which were restored by Bonita Springs Dentist.
^ Mismatch fillings, crowns, and veneers replaced with all porcelain restorations to brighten patients smile!

Before & After of a crown and implant replacement.
^ In this Smile Design case we utilized clear aligners (orthodontics), a dental implant, and porcelain crowns to transform this smile!

Before and after of dental implants.
^ Misaligned smile and missing teeth corrected with dental implants and crowns to improve smile proportion and function.


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