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Female teeth before and after getting professional whitening from bonita springs dentistPeople often seek professional teeth whitening in Bonita Springs due to promises of a bright, alluring smile. Even when proper oral hygiene practices are applied, teeth still seem to diminish in the quality of their white purity. Tobacco, wine, and coffee can expedite the decolorization of teeth. Due to normal wear and tear combined with the inability to abstain from guilty pleasures, Bonita Springs teeth whitening is the most desired option to recover a healthy, confident smile.

Professional teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that bleaches the teeth that make up that pearly smile. Professional whitening uses a peroxide gel that bleaches the teeth to lighten the shade of white. Let your dentist send you home with a glowing smile that is significantly whiter.

How to whiten teeth in Bonita Springs?

The two primary teeth whitening options available are professional whitenings and over the counter (OTC) treatments. The professional whitenings are performed by a dental professional in their office and may or may not be covered by your dental insurance. The over the counter treatments can be purchased at a convenience or grocery store and will be applied by you. The most common method of professional whitening involves a peroxide bleaching gel. Over the counter products can exist in various forms such as whitening strips, gel, mouth trays, and whitening toothpaste.

How much do professional teeth whitening cost?

The cost for professional teeth whitening session varies greatly. Factors that influence the price include the dentist performing the procedure, the type of procedure, and the products used. Average costs can range from $400-$800. Some whitenings can cost more than the $800, but few will cost less than $400.

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Best teeth whitening methods

Depending on what your priorities are regarding cost and quality will decide which option is best for you. OTC treatments use low-quality bleaching agents that are safe for anyone to handle. Because they are low potency, they may not significantly impact color or may take several attempts to work as desired. The benefits of the OTC options are that they are cheap, at your convenience and do not require a Bonita Springs dental appointment. Even if OTC treatments are used, it is still recommended to meet with a dental professional to see which option is right for you and how to apply it safely.

The professional whitening procedure provides the highest quality whitening. The professional whitening is performed by a dental professional so you are in good hands. They are allowed to administer potent bleaching agents that are not available to the public. They provide care and quality that can not be obtained over the counter. Both whitening options may inhibit tooth sensitivity and gum irritability. The professional can avoid any unnecessary sensitivity that you may not know how to avoid when applying an OTC supplement.

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